SHINOBI - Classic Inspection

Ninja warriors are lightening fast, frighteningly furious, and laff in the face of danger. They don’t wear skirts or go crying to mummy if things turn a bit ruff. Real Ninjas feast on nails, fight Bears and drink flammable liquids.

Ninjas can scale tall buildings faster than Spider-man, leap from unbelievable heights, and fly if the mood takes them. However; the only way to meet all the above requirements, and become a proper hard Ninja for yourself, is to play Shinobi.

Basically, Shinobi has to stop a massive criminal organization called "Zeed" who thought it might be a real good idea to kidnap the children of the Oboro clan. Chop your way through five levels of mayhem, and make your way to Zeed's headquarters, in order to free all the hostages, and kick all sorts of crap outta him.

Shinobi is Ninja artistry at its finest. And Virgin did a fantastic job in converting the arcade original onto the home computers. The graphics across all the computer and console systems are consistently cool, accompanied by authentic music and fast action. It’s an all-out brawler that will keep you firmly on edge of your seat, from the beginning till end.

Notable conversions... PC-Engine, Amstrad, C64, Amiga and Master System.


  1. Excuse me while I go and switch my arcade cab on... (but -ahem- let's tweak those DIP settings a bit)


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