DrawRace 2 HD - iPAD

Draw Race 2 from RedLynx improves on the original in nearly every-way possible. The graphics are smooth, highly detailed and injected with a HD display that helps to make everything look incredible.

It's basically a touch based racing game, in which you draw the best racing line for two laps, in the eventual hope that you've nailed it and your car wins. The controls couldn't be simpler, it's such a cool idea.

Driving skills will be tested, as the programmers have cleverly included ramps, slopes and all kinds of objects to ruin that penultimate lap. Draw Race 2 will punish you on later stages, but then pats you on the back at the same time... you can't but help go back in, and life will quickly take a backseat.

There's over 180 single player challenges with tons of unlock-able content and achievements. In terms of cars, there isn't much you can't drive, one minute you're hurtling along in an Arctic Rally car, the next a Formula One. There's every race environment you could ever wish for, and you can even race against friends in a new online challenge mode.

On first play - I'm like, what's this all about... days later I'm still playing. Probably the best game to date on the iPAD, yes even better than Reckless Racing.

Further information: http://www.redlynx.com/drawrace2


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