ULTIMA - Amstrad CPC

It's beautiful, but a simple game! Moving through the dungeons, whilst keeping an eye out for thieves, and more importantly food reserves really elevates it above all other adventures. I really do love these types of games, because for me, by in large, the Ultima series is similar to reading a book, you have to engage with your surroundings, and really use your imagination. I also like how well the programmer portrayed moving through the Dungeons, it's really convincing, almost a game in its own right, you won't get lost, and there's a genuine feel of exploration and danger around every corner, and behind every door. I prefer this vector style approach, more so than the latter games in the series, that preferred a 2D approach. I wish they'd have continued with the hybrid 2D and 3D look and feel to the game, in a Driller-esque sort of way. Regardless, I love this new addition to the CPC, and more importantly, here's hoping for more Ultima games for the CPC.


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