Copter 271 - Amstrad GX4000 Retrospective

When I think back to the GX4000, at the time I was the only person in my family and circle of friends that owned a GX4000. I remember regular trips to Dixons, the electrical retailer (now known as Curry's) where they had a display for the GX4000, they had about 15 games that you could select and sample. I think some were demos, but you got enough of an insight into how it played and the quality of the graphics. The graphics were definitely an uplift from the stock CPC models and the sound seemed much improved as well. I played Burnin Rubber on regular visits after school along with Robocop 2 and a few others. It wasn't long before I purchased my own, despite several friends and the store manager warning me away from it. To this day, despite the failure, I still love to play Burnin Rubber, once you get into it and change the horrible default control setup, you have a timeless challenge. The same is true of Pang, SwitchBlade, Robocop 2 and Fire and Forget 2, to name just a few. You can also purchase a Cart that will allow you to play nearly every original CPC game from the comfort of your cartridge slot. For me, this is still a great system to own, had it been released a few years earlier, I believe it might have been good enough to gain a niche foothold in a declining 8bit world.


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