Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Taken from 'AA' May 1992

There's no question about it... Amstrad games looked awesome set in 'MODE-0' with 16 colours, when done right. I was never a fan of the other modes, although Switchblade and Stryker & The Crypts Of Trogan did look awesome, especially on the Amstrad Plus models. For instance, just look at Prince of Persia on the left... the graphics are amazing for an 8-bit computer, and the animation is out of this world. Turrican II and Titus the Fox really pushed the boundaries of the Amstrad, and although a good game, Titus the Fox does buckle under the preasure for displaying such fine art.

There are plenty more games I'll be featuring in the coming months, and the likes of Robocop, Operation Wolf, D-Day Chase HQ, Trantor all prove the CPC could output some of the most beautiful images when compared to the other 8-bits.

Hopefully these screenshots will make you wanna go track down these games and play 'em on a real to life CPC... until next time, enjoy!

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