Saturday, 12 February 2011


I'm amazed at how many games were previewed or reviewed back in the day, only to later find out they'd never actually seen a release.

It's simply shocking, as some of the games mentioned below were actually finished and ready for the shop shelf. For instance, games such as Mega Twins, Spiderman, Judge Dredd, Rim Runner and Chase HQ 2 all featured reviews but somehow escaped release.

List of cancelled games - CPC
Cyberun  (Ultimate) 
Robin Of The Wood (Odin) 
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (CPC)
The Champ (CPC version)
Judge Dredd (CPC version)
Judge Death (CPC version)
Q8 Team Ford Rally (CPC version)
Vampires (CPC Version)
Dalek Attack (CPC version)
Mega Twins (CPC version)
The Never Ending Story 2 (CPC version)
Project: Stealth Fighter (CPC version)
Rimrunner (CPC version)

Robocop 3 (CPC version)
Street Fighter II (CPC version)
The Amazing Spiderman (CPC version)
The Punisher (CPC version)
Tilt (CPC version)
Toki (CPC version)
Where Time Stood Still (CPC version)
Masters of the Universe - Adventuresoft (CPC version)
Realm of Impossibility - Ariotasoft (CPC Version)
Roller Coaster - Elite (CPC Version) 
Comic Bakery - Imagine (CPC Version)
Iron Horse - Konami (CPC version)

List of cancelled video games - GX4000
Strider 2 (GX4000 version) 

Chase HQ 2 (GX4000 version)
Double Dragon (GX4000 version)
Shadow Warriors (GX4000 version)
Robocop (GX4000 version)
Batman - The Caped Crusader (GX4000 version)
S.D.I. (GX4000 version)
Pro Tennis Tour 2 (GX4000 version)
Outrun (GX4000 version)
Mean Streets (GX4000 version)
Klax + (GX4000 version)
Gazza's Superstar Soccer (GX4000 version)

Cougar Force (GX4000)
Duck Tales (GX4000)


  1. Chase HQ2 has not been cancelled, it has only been sold in very few copies, one has been sold for a huge amount of money on ebay a while ago....


  2. I'll believe it when I see it for myself.

  3. I never realised Outrun was in development for the GX4000, anyone knoe where i can get more info or screenshots?

  4. I originally saw reference to 'Outrun' for the GX4000 in a copy of Amstrad Action. They did a reference for all things GX4000 and briefly mentioned it.