Dinamic Games... Bloody Hard

We all know how difficult 8-bit games were, but the Spanish developer Dinamic really took the biscuit. They produced games guaranteed to make your hair turn grey, and send smiles into vicious frowns. Dinamic games were bordering on brilliant, painful and stressful as opposed to fun. You’d typically have to traverse a bewildering and formidable fixed set of objects and enemies, in a fixed time frame with limited energy, resource or worst still... one flipping life. Extremely challenging; yes! But rock-like from the word go.

I’ll be the first to admit that a game should measure the player's skill. There’s little point committing to a game unless its gonna be a challenge, and the best gaming experiences are those created through adversary. That said; there are some games that really upset the balance. Dinamic games were massively unapologetic, and consistently demanded the near impossible from the player.

I can understand why Arcade games must be made more difficult; it's bad business for a gamer to last any great length of time without topping up, but Dinamic games were murderous. It’s as though the hardest levels from other 8-bit games, were the easy levels in Dinamic’s. For example; the ludicrous difficulty found in Navy Moves on the first level alone was just ridiculous, and Astro Marine Corps featured more bottomless pits than ground... ensuring only the obsessed ever make the final screen.

The one thing you came to rely on from Dinamic, was that no matter the game, they would always offer an arduous challenge, in fact a challenge that would more often than not chew you up and spit you out. Nearly all their games looked amazing, with presentation and sound on par, but the majority of their games can only ever be recommended to masochists.
The games that nearly broke me:
Navy Moves, Abu Simbel Profanation, Game Over, Satan, A.M.C.: Astro Marine Corps, Basket Master, Turbo Girl, and Freddy Hardest to name but a few.


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