GRYZOR - Classic Inspection

Lance Gryzor is rock hard... and bloody dangerous to boot. He’s also very large... and a mean son of a gun. His mission, raise all kinds of hell, and take on the full brunt of an imminent alien invasion.

Lance will need every weapon available to him, in order to prevail, and clean up the vile scum. You’ll need to smash through all sorts of alien infested areas before a final confrontation with hell on Earth itself. Lance isn’t alone though, and the nice people of Earth will at regular intervals send in pods containing all sorts of goodness, including extra weaponry and the much needed heavy body armour.

Weapons include 3-way fire, laser cannons and rapid fire. You’ll most likely need ‘em too... because at the end of each level, you’ll need to traverse through a network of tunnels, packed to the rafters with alien soldiers, ever determined not to let you pass.

Lance is quite the athlete too, and wouldn’t look outta place dressed in a gymnasts leotard. He gracefully somersaults through the air, and kills stuff with the utmost of ease. The graphics and animation on the Amstrad need to be seen to be believed. However; the CPC version does have an unfortunate flaw... the screen flicks instead of scrolls. Confusing at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. In fact, even despite this, the whole thing works really well, and is a great conversion.

Gryzor is a joy to play across all three 8-bit systems. It’s still one of the best run and gun shooters ever to appear on the 8-bits, and although I’ll always have a soft-spot for the Amstrad CPC version, I’m big enough to admit that the Speccy and C64 versions are just as good, if not technically better.


  1. The c64? Better? That piece of crud, drawn by a 5yo, just because it scrolls?


  2. My fanboy friend and his C64 really admired Gryzor on my CPC464; despite his total love for the SID chip and smooth fast scrolling of his games, he readily admitted that his C64 could not replicate the colour and detail of the CPC464. He later bought Gryzor for his C64 and was extremely disappointed and embarrassed; I was shocked at how bad the conversion was. Anyway over time there were many top games that were best on the CPC or C64 etc, so we both had our fair share, i.e. Wizball was best on the C64 and Uridium etc; Operation Wolf, Savage. Sometimes we disagreed on who had the best version; Milk Race I enjoyed far more on the C64 and yet he prefered my CPC464 version.

  3. Slight typo in my last post; Operation Wolf and Savage were best on the CPC464. I'm sure you could understand how it meant to read.


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