RENEGADE - Classic Connection

Game: Renegade
Publisher: Taito / Ocean - Imagine

Everyone loves a bit of side scrolling action... and Renegade from Taito is one of finest beat 'em ups to ever appear on an 8-bit computer. Who needs Streets of Rage eh?

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a joystick, here comes a game that will kick you in the goolies, smash you in the jaw, and stab out your innards. Yep, the people behind Renegade, Imagine, are out to give you a few more bruises than expected..

Renegade is set in the gangland suburbs of New York, Your girlfriend Lucy is waiting on the other side of town, but to get to her, you must fight it out with countless gang members, out to stop you dead in your tracks. There are five levels in total, first the tube station, where you'll meet a gang of muggers. Then the pier area, a bikers paradise. The third area is set in a sleezy lesbian quarter of town, with the exit leading upto your meeting place, where vicious razor wielding thugs wait for the innocent passer by. Finally you enter the place where you arranged to meet up with Lucy, only to be confronted by even more gang members, and the heavily armed Mr Big himself.

The graphics are big, bold and superbly animated - even, dare I say it, better than the arcade original. The sound effects are crunching, and the music really adds to the atmosphere. Regardless of the system, the game is great. It's so hard to choose a winner, so I've included a review form C+VG to help me... the Amstrad CPC wins.


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