Amstrad CPC - New Brawler

Proof that you don't need a 16-bit to get big, bright graphics.

We all liked Renegade on the Amstrad. Go on, admit it, even those of you that owned a Speccy or C64. You were just a bit miffed that the graphics weren't as good on your respective systems. Amstrad owners take note. There's no waiting to throw the first punch in this new game, currently in development for the CPC. This new fighter looks to feature stunning graphics and great animation. It's unclear when this game will be released, or at what stage coding is at, but one thing is for sure, this project looks to be cooking on gas. Just look at the sheer amount of detail and moves on display, as pictured to the left and below.

What started out as a quick question on the CPCWIKI 
forum, has now blossomed into what can only be described as a full blown project. The new beat-em-up will include a 2 player mode, up to six characters on screen, all packed neatly into 128K of ram. This looks to be an acceptable step backwards in game design, based on a tried and tested gameplay formula with even more going on. All the enemy sprites have been completed, with the exception of the boss battles. Moves include being picked up off the ground, arm lock, head bash, parry a punch, headlocks, being choked from behind, bear hugs and a special double attack move. According to a recent post, there's plans to simplify the backgrounds in order to have more interactivity with the backgrounds, such as being able to jump on top of a car, bounce off a corner of a wall, more objects to smash the enemy into, stairs they can use etc.  

Head over to the CPC WIKi to find out more...


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  2. If this ever sees the light of day it'll be friggin' huge!

  3. I'm hoping it'll be the Streets of Rage for the CPC.

  4. Fantastic! I love these teams that get time to create this marevelous games!


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