Final Fight - Classic Inspection

Capcom are one of my all-time favourite publishers. Their games are hardly breathtakingly original, but a large percentage of their efforts appeal to the arcade lover in all of us. Final Fight is no exception, it's a mow-em-down, side scrolling beat-em-up with huge sprites, fast gameplay and simplicity at its finest. It's a particularly good game for those who like a quick gaming fix, and if you've not played Final Fight for some time, it's great to go back in and give it one more go. In fact, as far as beat-em-ups go, Final Fight should probably be considered one of Capcom's perfect moments.

Back in the day, beat-em-ups were the done thing, and until Final Fight appeared, Renegade, Double Dragon and Streets of Rage were where I became a proper hard knuckle head.  For me, beat-em-ups are as much a necessity to gaming, as the 'ol shiny silver ball is to pinball.

I'm currently lucky enough to own the Mega-CD version (jap), Snes, iPhone and the wonderfully adapted Gameboy Advance  version. If I'm honest, the Mega-CD version is miles ahead when compared with the others, but I prefer the portability of the GBA version, and would probably choose that over all the others.


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