Computer games have always been better than movies, not a lot of people knew that until now. In its first weekend, GTA V has made over a billion dollars, with sales showing very little signs of slowing. It's currently the biggest world Rockstar have ever created, some 50 kilometres in size, and an interaction level the likes we've never seen before, but at what cost?

The industry is talking about GTA being the most expensive game ever created, costing over £170 million, with five years development, double the cost of GTA4. First day sales were estimated to be around £500 million. A milestone for Rockstar games, yes, but what about the loyal fans that helped put them there?

I'm all for celebrating advancements in technology and gaming, but I'll personally need to wait until GTA V shows up in a random bargain bin or local car boot before splashing the cash anytime soon. Not because I'm tight or skint, because I've got a life and more important things, like effing bills to pay... Oh and a mortgage. You know, the unfortunate things that take precedence. Where the fuck do all these millions of people get their money from, I struggle at the best of times, is this a case of more money than sense or have people seriously got their priorities all wrong? I don't mind spending £25 or £30, at a push, but £45 is massively spiralling in the wrong direction for me. Am I the only person who has to consider all the things that I need, as opposed to all of the things that I want?

Asda is selling GTA V for over £40, and Tesco's (Price promise my arse) are trying to flog it for nearly £45. C'mon you bastards, current pricing models for games are now firmly out of control. I'm starting to understand why people are turning to torrents and The Pirate Bay.

Either Rockstar or the retailer is screwing us, or both? People need to wake up and smell the coffee, the industry is seriously taking advantage of the punter, bending us well and truly over. The answer; stop buying their games and they'll be forced to lower the price. For now, and although I'm desperate to play GTA V unless I find a new job or an alternative way to play, I'm just gonna have to sulk and wait. 

2nd opinion, Victoria Latham Hall:

I remember the first time I had a go on a Grand Theft Auto game, at some house gathering when I was a student. I forget which one it was, but thought it was amazing that you could go round hitting people and stealing things, I never even bothered attempting a mission. When I heard that in this game you can torture people to death I knew it would be my cup of tea. I'm not going to say that if I happen to see a friend and this game is on their shelf, that I won't ask for a go, but this is unlikely considering my friends are mainly females with social lives. But for me, the sole reason why I have refrained from buying this game is simply because I have never bought a brand new computer game in my life, and never intend on doing so. Visit your local car boot sale at the weekend and it will not take you long to see where my copy of GTA V can be found, in a year or so, for a couple of quid.


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