Invasion of the ZOMBIE MONSTERS

Super smooth sideways scrolling and great graphics are nothing new to the CPC these days. CPC bunnies expect the graphics and scrolling to be good as a matter of course, so a game needs to have a little bit more going on underneath than just flashy graphics.

Fortunately, Invasion of the Zombie Monsters does the CPC justice in all areas. It has a great look and feels excellent, with hauntingly tinny music and fantastic presentation. At first glance, it'll remind you of the arcade classic 'Ghouls and Ghosts', but not the dafty version by USGOLD. I'm talking arcade quality.

Essentially it's a run and gun shooter. Evil forces have inherited the earth, and our hero, the chosen one 'Ned Friks', is the only guy around to save mankind. You'll need to man up, though, as there are all sorts of undead out to get you. There are classic zombies, zombie werewolves,
zombie reptiles, zombie plants, zombie souls and a zombie grave-keeper to keep things real. Fear not, though, when the moon rises, our hero becomes a superhuman wrecking machine, with an ability to shoot moon bolts from his fingertips.

You start out at 'the city cliff', and must shoot your way through the woods, graveyard, and city streets, before meeting up with ultimate evil. It's action packed from the word go, having all the glitz and glamour you'd expect, and is super fast. I especially like the way Ned bounces mightily along, and you always have that feeling of being in complete control. This is a game that will seriously give your reflexes a good work out, and although far from original, you'll be amazed at how clever and fun the experience is. All in all very competent stuff, really well put together and something RELEVO can be proud of.

For a computer considered to be the Epsilon of the gaming world, well-done RELEVO, this is how you program a platform game. A beautiful gift to the Amstrad CPC community.


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