Rise of the machines

Sorry folks, this guy won't be knocking at your door...
Forget killer robots and saving Sarah Conner, yes, Terminator is a great movie, but nothing more than that. A computer is not a repository of all knowledge; Hollywood would love you to believe such a thing, but HAL and many other futuristic characters, are like the Dreamcast 2, unlikely to ever happen. The problem is, computers cannot accumulate infinite amounts of data; they simply input information, process it and then output it, it’s really that simple. Where computers truly excel over people, is in the day-to-day mundane data processing, interfacing with other components, number crunching, and automation. Sure, you could potentially build a futuristic machine, send it into battle, but that’s just it, you’d have to send it into battle, program it, and watch it roll, just like BigTrak.  

No matter the computer, in essence, when compared to the human brain (unfortunately not in all cases), a computer is nothing more than a high-speed moron. When a programmer writes a program, they must tell the computer exactly what it should do, step by step, with clear defined instruction sets. I’m not trying to devalue the computer or its many components; but simply state fact. Many people believe we work in exactly the same way (That’s because we designed them). In fact, the human brain itself, is just a collection of spaghetti spun neurones, very complex, but joined together in much the same way.  

The difference is, mankind secretly craves dominance over everything we can see. We want to conquer mountains, the oceans, the moon and the cosmos itself. As long as we can tell a computer what to do, they’re useful. The only thing we need to fear, is the human race itself, the return of Hitler, asteroids, and little green men. As mentioned above, a machine will probably never be truly intelligent, it can be programmed to mimic intelligence, or carry out our bidding, but that’s your lot I’m afraid unless we interface with technology… Then we become the machine.      

Technology will save us...      


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