kevin Toms - Classic Interview

It's amazing what I've recovered from my failed H.D.D. Here we have an old Kevin Toms interview from a few years ago, maybe 2009 at a guess, can't believe I nearly chucked it. Hope you all enjoy... lots more to come.  

Q: How do you feel about Football Manager all these years on?

I am proud of what I created and that it gave so much to a lot of people.

Q: When did you realise you wanted to become a programmer?

At school and I don't think I really knew what a programmer was, when I decided that.

Q: Have you ever thought: 'Wow, I did a great job'?

It's not normally what I think. Other people have said I should be more aware of it.

Q: How has life changed for you since the 80's?

My life is quite ordinary now, apart from the occasional recognition.

Q: What are the ten greatest games you've ever played?

It's the simplest games that have always drawn me in. I don't like to have to work hard to learn to play. So classics like Tetris, Space Invaders, International Superstar Soccer, still come to the front of my mind.

Q: What are your thoughts looking back for the Amstrad, Commodore and Spectrum?

Oh that was a great period in games, a pioneering time when nobody really knew what they were doing, but they were driven by creating something good. And there were few 'suits' around.

Q: Did you ever imagine your games would have such a massive impact around the world?

Well somebody once told me they were frivolous, unimportant compared to serious things, but I have always thought they are valuable to people, and hence they have an impact.

Q: When did you realise you were any good at programming?

I am a robust programming, I make reliable code, which is great for games, but I am more of a designer than coder.

Q: What challenges did you face writing the Football Manager and its sequel?

For the first one it was great, for the next the success of the first created a business to run, and I had little time.

Q: What are you doing now?

Software Architect for big business, and in my spare time, games writing.

Q: It's a question I've asked many programmers, are you passionate about video games?

Creating games was a passion of mine, long before I got my hands on computers to make them with- I'm stuck with that passion!

Q: What were some of the highs and lows of growing up in the games industry?

Highs, - the excitement the adventure, breaking new ground.

The lows, all the problems of business when you are learning as you go.


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