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New games continually arriving for the Amstrad CPC... 
I’ve been playing quite a lot of Amstrad CPC games of late, it's quite easy to forget about the commercial world of gaming if you allow retro gaming to take over. Recently there's been all sorts of 8-bit competitions and some seriously good games have come out the other end. The library of new games and projects in the pipeline is phenomenal, for example, I'm playing Magica and Doomsday Lost Echoes on the CPC at the moment, with the classic Amiga game Pinball Dreams arriving shortly. I haven't even mentioned the new games I'm playing on my other retro systems, but what a fantastic problem to have, seriously though I can't keep up. I have Uncharted 4 and the new Tomb Raider just sitting idle on the shelf gathering dust, nowhere near enough hours in the day to play 'em all.  

My Amstrad CPC in 2016 has a wad of original titles, on par and exceeding in most cases the stuff I owned as a kid. I've purchased quite a few of these new games, in boxes with beautiful covers and well put together manuals, way too many to mention. I've also just finished playing another great game on the CPC called 'Golden Tail' an interesting game from Juan J. Martínez. There's plenty more I'm yet to play, but tThe internet and forums are rammed with people keeping these old computers alive, there's the CPC WIKI, brimming with games, emulators and all things CPC and If you're after reviews, then just check out cpc game reviews

I can't wait for 2017, maybe next year will bring us even more classic games, and break down barriers thought impossible, fingers crossed, we might even get to play a rewrite of Outrun for our CPC ;-)


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