Turrican 2 - Classic Inspection

Turrican 2 is massive, one of the biggest games I've ever experienced on any computer or console. You traverse ledge after ledge, with most jumps consisting of leaps of faith. 

The programming team responsible Enigma House, boasted in (AA71) "Turrican 2 contains a jaw-dropping 1500 screens! Think of it this way - if you laid out 1500 monitors on their backs on the floor, it would cover an area 9240 meters square."

Each level took up nearly 60k of code, with a total of five levels, this had to include sound effects and music, I'll let you do the maths! The amazing thing was, this game fitted on a single disk.

The basic idea is to explore everywhere and anything, killing all sorts of nasties and giants, collect extra lives, power-up's and extended time, and basically just try to survive in order to reach the next stage. There's an excellent feel for the game, the main protagonist looks and struts along like a proper space trooper, and effortlessly glides huge distances through the air.

This was originally a Commodore 64 blockbuster, but it didn't lose anything in its translation to the CPC. It also gained the accolade of 'AA Mastergame' and is just about the best shooter ever. It moves fast and the combat is excellent. It looks good and never gets bogged down when things start to happen.  


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